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It all begins in the 1980’s with La Bible Parle Church having a missionary vision, first in prayer and fasting, and then one day in 1983 they make the plunge. Pastor Jeffrey Laurin and a small crew set for sail to Haiti, it is then that the reality of Matthew 28 begins.

There have been voyages to Haiti from 1983 until today, except for a short 10 year lapse imposed by some difficulties and trails that eventually eroded the vision. In 1996 and 1997 other attempts were made in the north of Haiti, gradually this rekindles the small flame that had resisted. Then in 1998 it is with a renewed vision made stronger from its past deceptions and failures that they embark with a new perspective on their mission.

Our collaboration in 2000 with the M.E.B.S.H. (Evangelical Baptist Mission of Southern Haiti) brings us to the village of Tiverny.

Tiverny is a small village with a population of 1,350 people, counting 800 children and 550 adults. It is located in the southern part of Haiti, 20 km from Les Cayes. The average family income is the equivalent of four dollars Canadian a day for an average of six children per family. There is an 80% rate of unemployment. The residents’ income is mainly from fishing, but because their boats are obsolete and unsafe several men die leaving their families without fathers and without an income.

To this day, during our stay in Tiverny thousands of people from the region have received ,medical and dental care, hundreds attended literacy classes, an agriculture cooperative was also formed, a permanent canteen was established which was made possible by private donations which provides one full meal a day for the children of the village. We also provide the instruction of God’s word to the pastors and the community so they can also reap the benefits not only in their spiritual life but also their personal and family life along with their businesses.


Our goal is to be able to bring the residents from the village of Tiverny to be independent and be able to take charge of their future. In order to do this, for the last the six years we have been building a multidisciplinary center that will be used for medical and dental care, training midwives, literacy classes for adults and also discipleship classes. The grounds around this site will be used to continue the agriculture education. This means hiring about forty people from the village, providing a source of additional revenue for the families.


  • Agriculture
  • Literacy classes
  • Medical and dental care
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