Child Sponsorship in Haiti

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Child Sponsorship in Haiti

The foundation started his child sponsorship program in Haiti in November 2004.

It is the "World Team" mission that requested through the M.E.B.S.H that we take over the sponsorship program in southern Haiti as we were already established and had the personnel in place to do the follow ups. So it is in conjunction with "child care", an entity of M.E.B.S.H. that this adventure began. From the "World Team" mission, we inherited about 20 children.

Since we were established in Tiverny, we began sponsoring children from the village. Let us mention that the Child Care sponsorship has existed for over 40 years.

A few years later we have nearly 250 children who benefit from this sponsorship.


The children send a letter to their sponsors about three times a year, and every time that they receive a gift. The children are not allowed to make request of any kind when corresponding with their sponsors. This is one of the roles that the Foundation has; it is to convey the needs of the child. On the other hand, the sponsor can write to their child as often as they wish. (Via the Foundation des Oeuvres Internationales). We encourage the sponsor not to give out their address or email to avoid any problems; it is the foundations role, to act as the intermediate.

Sponsorship fee

The sponsorship fee is 40$/month for elementary student and 45$/month for high school students. We prefer automated payment, this is simpler for both parties but it is also possible to send checks.


Each month the child receives the needed amount to pay for school fees and food. If the child is in need of clothes, shoes, or medical care, it is the village pastor who notifies the administrative office of Childcare. The money is taken in the child’s account which was put aside exactly for this purpose the money is then sent to the child. Further more a larger amount is distributed to the children at the beginning of the school year to pay for the first month of school supplies and their uniform. This whole process is carefully and rigorously carried out by the childcare staff.


A report is sent to us four times a year. If a child is sick, does not attend school or has any other needs, we are automatically notified. The Foundation, meanwhile, oversees the entire process and makes sure that each child receives what he or she needs. We meet the children once a year during our missionary voyage.

If you wish to sponsor one or more children there are more then 250 children currently on the waiting list please contact us.

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